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  • The Difference Between Rich Black And Plain Black

    In the world of graphic arts, the color black straddles several shades. As such, a good grasp of these shades can make a huge difference in terms of quality of a designer’s work. In general, there are two popular and common shades of black: rich black and plain black. Below is a detailed look at rich black vs plain black.

    • Plain black: only black ink is being used to print blacks
    • Rich Black: 4 processes colors are mixed together to create black – this black usually is more intense (darker black)

    Rich Black vs Plain Black

    An Overview

    To create plain black, designers simply use 100% black in their graphic design software. On the other hand, rich black consists of four CMYK colors: magenta, cyan, yellow, and black. The exact makeup of rich black varies depending on factors like a designer’s objectives, paper thickness and finish and others. For example, you may come across rich black made up of black 100, cyan 50, yellow 50, and magenta 50. It is worth noting there are many possible combinations  to create rich black, always consult with your printer and ask them what ink combination you should use for your particular print job. The most widely used combination is 63% cyan, 52% magenta, 51% yellow, and 100% black.


    Photoshop’s “Black” Problem

    If you open Photoshop on your computer and proceed to select the color black, it will revert to “plain black” by default. Moreover, if you type text and then use the color picker to select “black,” you will end up with plain black instead of rich black. To solve this problem, make changes to the default black setting that may have a combination of cyan 75, magenta 68, yellow 67, and black 90. To avoid this problem, it is advisable to measure CMYK values carefully. In fact, the standard practice is to reference Photoshop’s info palette while working with plain black or rich black. One way is by moving the cursor across as well as up and down your work. The color values should remain the same, not fluctuate from one point to the next. Another great option is to use “Fill with Foreground Color” instead of “Fill with Black.”


    Why These Differences Matter

    Although these rich black combinations look the same on a computer screen, they vary when printed on paper, for example. There are several reasons why. To start with, rich black uses more ink compared to plain black. For this reason, you may end up with printed material that has ink over-saturation problems. Secondly, using various shades of rich black or just plain black could result in color inconsistencies on printed material. This is especially true where one is printing text or numbers. For instance, you may end up with blurred text.


    When To Use Rich Black

    In some cases, rich black is the right color to use. Firstly, you should use this shade of black if you would like to create a large area of black. The problem with plain black is it tends to have a gray or brownish tint, which makes a printed material lack depth as well as a striking look. You can easily solve this problem by using rich black to give your printed material an appealing and striking appearance. Secondly, you should use rich black if you want to print content over areas that overlap. For instance, consider a situation where you want to print black colored text on a yellow background. If you use plain black, your content will appear to have a brownish tint because of the yellow background. One of the best ways to solve this problem is by using rich black. If you do so, the yellow background will not show through and give your content a hue you do not want. Thirdly, it is advisable to use rich black if you are planning to print content with large letters or numbers. For example, if you would like to print content using “Impact” font with size 40 or larger. At this size, it is advisable to use rich black instead of plain black.


    When To Use Plain Black

    Firstly, you should stick to plain black when printing newspaper content because rich black tends to cause wrinkling issues when used on newspaper paper. Secondly, choose plain black when printing small sized content like small fonts.  Thirdly, go for plain black if you want to your print material to have small black areas on a white background. If you use rich black, it will not register well or have a defined appearance.


    A Word of Caution

    You will come across a wide range of rich black combinations online. However, you should proceed carefully when using them for printing purposes. It is wise to print a sample piece to determine whether what you are seeing on your computer screen is what you will get on printed material. In any way you should consult with your printer and ask them what CMYK values to use for rich black.

    The video above explains the setup in Adobe Photoshop


    Rich black and plain black are quite different colors. These two colors will look exactly the same when viewed on a RGB  computer screen. However, when these two shades of black are printed on material such as paper, it is usually easy to differentiate one from the other.

    In essence, rich black is a combination of four colors while plain black consists of only one color.

  • Different types of special paper for printing

    There is nothing more frustrating than going to a store to buy printing paper clueless and being confused as to which paper to get. There are many printing papers available. Of course, you cannot use all or any of these for the same purpose. Although printing papers are categorized into two broad categories, coated and uncoated, there is a lot more to the right buying paper for your print job. This article will discuss the various types of printing paper and their specific uses, helping you make the right pick from the available many.

    Coated Papers:

    •  Matte paper:

    The Matte paper has a white coating. The white coating prevents the ink from penetrating into the paper. It is the most common paper in the day-to-day printing tasks. However, this paper is only for one-sided printing purposes.

    • Glossy paper:

    Glossy paper is most used for photo printing. Due to its glossy finish, this paper produces sharp and vibrant pictures. The glossy finish works to reflect the light to produce beautiful pictures. This paper can become stuck to pages that are against the printed side as ink dries rather slow on glossy coated papers. It has to be handled carefully because the ink easily smudges with fingerprints.

    • Uncoated Bright white paper:

    Bright white paper is for double sides use. You can have it printed on both sides. It has smooth non-textured surfaces that allow the user the print on both sides without distracting the content either side or the quality of print. Because of its brightness, it allows both black and other colors to stand out in the page.

    •  Card stock:

    This usually is a very study and heavy paper (usually matte coated). Because of these qualities, you might encounter problems loading the paper into your home printer. It is mostly used for business cards, scrap booking, signage and printing of and postal cards.

    Card Stock in different Colors

    Card Stock in different Colors

    Specific printer paper:
    This is paper made specifically for a printer type. In buying printer specific paper it is important to look at the weight, the smoothness, the brightness, and the size. There is specialized paper for ink printers and digital printers that that work with toners. The most common are:

    1. Inkjet Printer paper:

    This paper is made specifically for inkjet printers. Inkjet paper includes photo paper, Coated paper (glossy paper, matte paper) and card stock.

    Laser Printer paper:

    1. Laser paper is generally used for higher volume mailing labels, address labels or printing checks.
  • Reliable Print On Demand Companies

    Personalized items make the best gifts because you design them yourself for a specific person, thus making them unique and special.
    It is fun to make stuff for your home and your loved ones. It also makes those who receive these personalized gifts happy because they know that the gift was bought with them in mind.
    For companies who need to print materials such as posters, calendars, event invitations, and other promotional items, getting a list of the best and most reliable printing companies that print on demand is a great idea.
    If you are looking for the best printing companies that give you the freedom to create custom gifts and promotional items, this list below will come in handy.

    Personalized Gift packaging

    Personalized Gifts

    Café Press is a great choiche for people who like to create personal gifts for friends and family. Based on the products cafepress offers, this is also the best place to go to if you want personalized décor for your home.

    The company has a nicely laid out website that makes it easy for customers to browse what Café Press has for sale. You can create custom gifts, monogram gifts, photo gifts and can even choose items depending on the occasion or by topic. Do you want to give a friend of yours a funny gift? Cafepress has that. Are you into sports or are you thinking of buying something special for that special someone on Valentine’s Day? This website can also help you out with that.
    You can choose to personalize apparel such as t-shirts to pajamas, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even underwear.

    The website also has bags and totes, footwear, neck ties, scarves, wallets, hats, caps, and travel accessories that you can personalize. If you would like personalized kitchen items, the website has these too. You can also get personalized décor for your bathroom, living area, or bedroom. These items include pillows, rugs, blankets, wall art, and mostly anything you can think of.
    If you love art, you can design a custom wall art through the website. Whether you’re looking for photo canvas gifts or would like to buy a photo book filled with your favorite family photos, Cafepress can help you out. You can also get personalized stationeries and invitation cards from the printing company.

    This printer usually holds early bird sales on their apparel products and other items whenever there is a special holiday or celebration. This makes buying from the company a very enjoyable activity.

    Tiny Prints is known for its beautiful invitations, cards, and business cards. Whether you’re looking for baby shower invitations or birthday invitations, you can be sure that Tiny Prints will deliver good prints.
    If you want a business card that will speak volumes about you and your profession, getting it printed in the right paper and with the right measurements is very important. Tiny Prints can do this for you but like most places where personalized items are sold, you get the final decision on what to put in your business card. If you do not have time to design your own business card through Tiny Prints’ DIY business cards service, you can also have them design it for you. You also have the choice to have the company print your business’s stationery as well as have them print your address labels and calendars.
    If you want something unique for your home that you yourself designed, you can get home accents such as easel art, acrylic photo blocks, and even curved and flat glass prints from the website. Pillows, wall décor, herringbone throws, and seasonal home décor are also available.
    Gifts for friends and family such as photo gifts and mobile phone cases can also be personalized. If you are unsure if the photo on your gift does not have the right specifications or measurements, Tiny Prints’ team of experts can help you out with the photo editing.

    If you order items that cost a total of $49 and above, Tiny Prints will ship your items for free. The company also ensures that every gift is delivered just in time for your celebration.


    Do it Yourself

    If you are on a budget you may decide to create a DIY gift for your loved one. The Video below will inspire you!

    Inexpensive DIY Gifts


    Vistaprint is a trusted online supplier of printed promotional materials for small businesses. It also caters to individuals looking for print on demand items.
    In the year 2007, Vistaprint was listed as one of the fastest growing companies in North America in the field of printing. Vistaprint offers a range of products on its website. It enables businesses and individuals to get beautifully-printed business cards, offers digital marketing, prints marketing products as well as prints items like invitations and stationery. Apparel that Vistaprint customers can personalize are also available.
    Being one of the largest printing companies in the United States, Vistaprint employs a team of experts that help customers design items with confidence. Also known for its good customer service, Vistaprint representatives are available seven days a week.

    Overnight Prints is a  California-based web2print company who  is an expert in printing business cards, postcards, invitations and announcements, posters, other promotional items, and calendars. The small company also offers marketing and design services for businesses.
    If you would like to get a nice business card made at an affordable price, is one of the most reliable places to go to. You can get anything from sandwich cards, fat business cards, square ones or any other shape. You can choose ultra thick cards and can even get free logo design if you don’t have a logo for your company just yet. The postcards, posters, and calendars printed by the company are of amazing quality. If you want personalized posters, postcards, and calendars that stand out, this company is one of the best and most reliable printers to go to.

    Overnight Prints is also about to start venturing into personalized iPhone cases, memory books, mouse pads, mugs, photobooks, and stickers.
    Best known for its timely delivery and the superior quality of their prints, Overnight Prints is the only printer in the market that can deliver your order the next day. For more information about this service, it is best to take a look at their website or give Overnight Prints a phone call.



  • Where to find graphic resources for your web or blog

    In this article we will mention where to find graphic resources for your web or blog that you can provide support in design or include new elements that give your online site, newly created or existing, a more attractive appearance among your customers and


    For those freelancers or bloggers that I have just started in the fascinating world of virtual diffusion, it is very likely that one of the first questions that you have done at the time of giving life to your virtual platform is “where download sexy photos without having legal problems? “, and secondly you’ve thought about the Google image search and image library suitable for your purpose. Although this graphic resource is very useful and can get you out of step for some time, there are plenty of options that will give your site a personal and professional graphics support.

    For free graphics resources like button, bullets, backgrounds and other design you can check our free graphics section where hundreds of free graphics there to download and use freely.

    The combination of various elements you can get different combinations advertising , such as an ad or logo. Then we leave different references, both photographic resources as another variety of graphic resources:


    A part of pictures of the Google search engine, you will also find images to download for free on sites like









    Wikimedia Commons




    Note that if you are not willing to invest in the image of your website, the quality and variety that you will obtain will not be the same. Another option is to take some resources posted online payment simple tools and guidance.

    If on the other hand you are willing to pay a small amount to get distinctive and attractive images, you can use some image banks as



    Istockphoto (premium version)


    If you have your own freelance business, or you are part of an organization that requires a new brand image , there is an extensive directory where to find sample templates:




    La Logoteca

    Free Logotypes , and so on.


    But ye that your logo lose quality, we recommend that when ye shall keep yourselves in the image as PNG-24 format (preferably with transparencies) from your favorite image editor or from Photoshop.

    As a final tip for bloggers, it is imperative to remind you add the logo to your blog is very simple, you just will have to go into the options panel “Design” / “Edit” (in the gadget title), and a Once there header options where you can insert the image will appear.


    This type of computer pictogram usually has a size from 16 × 16 to 128 × 128 pixels and has a different format depending on the operating system; Windows .ico icons are binary files in Mac are .icns file type and UNIX simple images are used in PNG, SVG or XPM.

    For free download icons we recommend the following sites:







    If you seek to give the letter of your website or blog a personal touch, you can find various free sources classified by authors and themes





    One factor to consider when ye ye might choose a font is not all inclusive symbols of the Latin script.

    If you have already chosen the font you wish to use to give life to your website or blog but do not know from what source it comes, to simply insert a picture of this in Myfonts will obtain instantly the answer you were looking for.


    In a graph vectors have higher level, beyond the photographic pixel and are ideal for designing logos and corporate image company . This tool commonly used by graphic designers, is also available online for free on sites like Ocal (one of the most famous), and payment VectorStock .


    The templates are only templates that you can enable cost savings when designing a website or blog, because it is already made ​​templates as Blogger, WordPress or Tumblr (well known among bloggers).

    However we can find different career options CSS template without the need to hire an expert designer, on the application tool or inspiration resources provided on websites such as Free CSS Templates .

    Color tools

    Knowing what the ideal combination of colors for your site is not a simple task anything but Internet offers a wide variety of palettes and tools that can help you, and maybe many are free !. Here you have some sites that may be of great support:







    Tutorials and Photoshop brushes

    Finally, given the widespread use given to Photoshop in the area of graphic arts and even in the daily life of digital user, this powerful software provides many useful tutorials that you can provide support in different areas of design, from selection and editing, to final retouching. And with the wide range of Photoshop brushes that you can find on the Internet incorporate a wider range of colors to your designs.

    If you’re really looking for is to achieve a higher number of visitors in your website or blog, it is imperative that you have in mind all these graphical tools, among others. An attractive, personalized and oriented visual web meeting their followers would not be the same without something more than a simple image attached (by initial and recurrent whatever).


  • 5 Free Cliparts on regular occasion

    Clip arts are now highly used by most of us to send wish through online to our friends, family, colic and known person on different occasions. Here you will find some free nice cliparts collection to download and send to your beloved person.


    1. New year Occasion


    2. Anniversary


    3. Happy Moments


    4. Birthday Occasion

    5. Thanksgiving Day

    All of the resources are gathered from public sources on the internet. Source

  • Free icons for use social networks

    Social media icons now playing huge role on driving traffic and site looking. Graphics designers also understand the importance of nice social icons.

    And thus we tried to collect a comprehensive list of the best free flat desing  social media icons sets for personal and commercial use.

    The Pack of icons with the most important social networks, various sizes and colors, all icons are vector and editable, you can freely use in personal or commercial projects to link to your site giving reference is not necessary but always good to reference is not it?
    Below is a preview of the icons if you want to download the collection click on the image!
    Picons Social
    socialFree Social Media Icons


    Cute Social Media Icons


    Social Piranjas

    66-iconsSocialShift Icon Set: 246 Free Social Networking Icons


    I hope you enjoyed the collection, is always on our site, if you are looking for more icons or materials see this section , you may like.

  • 10 best mockups and templates for free business cards

    We all know that business cards are the lifeblood of any business at the time of first contact. And of course for designers, how to present each work done to your customers will tell and speak very well what you should convey, or not!
    And as the intention of the BT is to bring better content and make life easier for all of us who are in the area, apart for you 10 options Mockups for you to prepare the best presentation of their work in a much more convenient and easy way and still leave customers with the best experience of a presentation of business cards.

    See the options to download and free to you like the most, for it just click on the photo.

    Vibrant Multi-color Business Card (Template)
    Unique & Modern Corporate Business Card (Template)
    Realistic Business Card (MockUp)
    Psd Business Card (Mock-Up)

    Orangey Metro Style Business Card (Template)
    Contrasting Modern Corporate Business Card (Template)
    Clean & Stylish Corporate Business Card (Template)
    Clean & Minimal Creative Business Card (Template)
    Business Card (Mockup)
    Black and White Corporate Business Card (Template)

  • Tiny Prints Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards Deals

    Christmas is right around the corner. We are all enveloped by Christmas fever at the moment and most of us have already started Christmas shopping. We get trees, we get decoration supplies, and we buy clothes and dresses and shoes among all other things. But one thing that makes all this Christmas shopping complete is the Christmas cards!

    Most of us tend to tweet, SMS, email and post Christmas greetings on Facebook. But these greetings tend to be not at all personal. In order to make your loved ones Christmas special try to send a customized card to that special him or her. It’s bound to make him/her happier then he/she already is. Of course for this you need a very special Christmas card. Tiny Prints Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards are among the best ones out there with several options available for you to customize them.

    Tiny Prints has exclusively designed collections. The top designers in the field exclusively curate the designs in their cards and an added advantage is that you get the most trend-forward cards! The card stock is luxurious and matches the Christmas spirit. They make sure that everything is up to date and up to mark. They obsess over little things like “I” and “t” so that everything is perfect!

    Tiny Prints offers 25% off on their Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards as well as 10% on their premium cards collection.

    Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards Options and Styles

    Yes, these cards come in many different styles; If you are looking for something contemporary then they have designs that have tasteful typographic styles with modern patters. If you are someone who always wants classic style then they have a number of cards that feature Santa Clause, red nose reindeer’s and decorated Christmas trees. If you crave vintage designs then there are number of options out their for you. There are cards that use traditional hues of green and red. These cards also offer the added advantage of adding a festive family photo to your Christmas card to make it more personal. The card will become extra special and your family and friends will be thrilled to see the snapshot of your family in the front of the card or in any other way you choose from the options available.

    Tiny Prints offers a number of options for using your photographs. The Full Bleed Photo options offer a number of themes from joyful hues to adored ornaments to graphic glee. From just the name of the collection Winter Botanical Photo Christmas Cards you can perceive fauna and floral designs. They have options like glowing pines and laser-cut which give the cards an opulent appeal. Then there is a collection of simple yet elegant cards. Some of them have a metallic appeal whereas others have richer hues like white, black, golden and red.
    Available card sizes are:
    • 3.90×8.85
    • 4.10×5.25
    • 5.00×7.00
    • 5.25×5.25
    • 5.50×5.50
    • 7.00×5.00

    Design Options for Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards

    This year if you are looking for something Tiny Prints online catalogue have different card formats. You can go for the classical folded card to the more contemporary formats like flat, tri-fold and circle. You can adorn these cards with different styles. For instance the circle cards are adorned with chic satin ribbons whereas in the tri-fold card can be personalized; you can add pictures write as many messages as you want. Plus you can use a number of photos in one card. You are not restricted to only one.

    Several options are available. Once you have selected the card that you like. You can select different hues that are available. You can add the picture to the card that you want. Different size options are available for the cards as well as for the picture. Your picture can be trimmed the way you like. In the online designer you will have the added advantage of choosing different paper quality as well as print types.

    Paper Quality

    There many different types of paper that Tiny Prints let you choose from. They are:
    • Signature Matte
    • Signature semi-glossy
    • Studio Basics Semi-glossy
    • Pearl White Shimmer
    • Premium DoubleThick™ Matte

    Print Types

    to make cards more altruistic there are different print types available.

    Foil stampingFoil-stamping: these luxurious foil stamped cards are the perfect way to make your occasion shine. They are stamped with real foil and you can choose from red, gold, silver, rose gold or black foil.
    Letterpress: this is a unique type of printing style. These cards are a blend of old world with modern design. Tiny Prints use vintage presses that leave behind crisp, beautiful indentations, in combination with modern photo printing techniques.
    Digital Offset Printing
    Laser-cut: truly ahead of their time, these laser-cut holiday cards are customizable with photos and text. They come with an array of beautiful shapes and designs.




    Order Quantity

    The prices of the cards range from $0.99 to $3.19. The cards are ordered in bulk. The minimum number of cards that one can order is 10 however about 500 cards can be ordered at one time. The price of card decreases as the number of cards ordered increases such as when you buy 35 cards the price of each card would decrease.

    Coupon Details

    The coupon of 25% and 10% offer on premium cards is available for a limited time. Keep dazzling everyone with this posh way of correspondence by using this coupon. At the checkout simply type the promo code and the discount will be immediately deducted from the subtotal. Take advantage of this coupon. There is another added advantage. The website is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $49.


    Emailing a Christmas greeting is just a way to get rid of a task as soon as possible. Your friends and your family deserve to get a personalized Christmas greeting from you. Most of us do not even meet our family and friends all year round. Just by sending a Photo Christmas Card it can make their day and they will know that you are happy and truly missing them. There are number of options available such as vintage, classic, contemporary and delicate frost. A number of themes are also available. If you want a cute Christmas card you can go for a pet theme. Some cards have religious greetings as well as Hanukkah. Make your card extra special by choosing Tiny Prints Christmas Cards. Take advantage of 25% off on Christmas cards and get free shipping for all orders that are over $49.

    Limited Time Offer

    25% off, 10% off on premium cards and free shipping of orders over $49 is for limited time only. Use this opportunity to your best advantage. These opportunities don’t come everyday. Impress your loved ones by buying Christmas Cards and Photo Christmas Cards from Tiny Prints!