• Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition ( free non-commercial Adobe Photoshop Album starter edition provides basic photo and graphic editing tools which makes it easy to find, fix and share photos.
  • GIMP for Windows ( is a popular free non-commercial graphic editing software often touted as a “free Photoshop” and renowned for its composition and retouching properties.
  • DAZ 3D Bridge for Photoshop ( free non-commercial 3d graphic imaging software can be opened from Photoshop and allows the user to view 3d scenes as layers.
  • Adobe Fireworks ( Fireworks is an essential tool for advanced web design and works alongside other Adobe creative software programs.
  • Sqirlz Morph ( techniques currently used in the motion picture industry, Sqirlz Morph is a free non-commercial animation software that allows users to create simple animated edits of images.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver ( essential web production program from Adobe known for its advanced web design and creativity tools.
  • Pos Free Photo Editor ( Free Photo Editor is a free non-commercial software that allows users to view and edit photos, as well as format images for printing.
  • Paint.NET ( developed at Washington State with the help of Microsoft, this free non-commercial image editing program is extremely easy to use.
  • ArtRage ( free non-commercial painting and drawing graphic package is available for both PC and MAC, and works well with a graphic tablet.
  • Animator-9 ( free non-commercial animation software allows users to generate animated GIF files for web and media use.

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